how we learn open scad

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what is open scad?

Open Scad is a software for creating solid 3d cad objects.

It is free available for Linux,windows,unix and mac operating systems.

How we learn this software?

It is very easy to learn this software

The open scad manly has three shapes like




by using these three shapes we create any type of object.


The transformation is technique to modify these shape. It has three four parts like…





By using translation we can move any object from X,y,z coordinates

By using rotate we can rotate any object at some angle.

By using scale we can stretch the object.

By using mirror we can can create the reflection of any object like xz yz plane et c.

CSG operations(constructive solid geometry)

After creating & modifying the objects the next step to combine these objects. for this purpose we used such operations like




Any one who is interested to learn this software first thing it is free software, who is some knowledge about letter writing or HTML can easyily learn it.

We can learn this software in two hours. please go through this page…

Any query please leave comment…….

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